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The Best Ways to Create Quality Printed Materials

You've just started up your business and are about to be hit by the downturn in the economy, so what can you do? The obvious answer is to cut your costs somehow, but where should you be cutting back? For many small businesses the answer to that is going to be to slash the amount of money they spend on printed materials - but is that the right thing to do? For a lot of small companies, their printed business materials are going to consist of a few invoices each month, paychecks, paper with their letterhead on it, and a small run of business cards - not much really, is it? That means they could save a few pennies and not have to cut back on the big things that really matter to their business, right? What a lot of these small business owners don't tend to consider is the fact that some of these 'cheap' items are actually representing their company, and they give people an impression of a business long before they ever really get to know what the company's all about. First impressions count just as much in business as they do in any other walks of life. You've probably seen all of the software available that'll let you create your own graphics, headlines, banners, business cards, and more - and been tempted into getting them, thinking that for the small cost of the software, you can create your own business material and save a lot of money in the long run. Well that may be okay up to a point, but have you ever tried to create them - or worse still - seen logos and letterheads that have been printed out on a cheap home printer? Generally, it's not giving the sort of impression you've striving for with your business. It's true that professional printing may not be the cheapest option available to you, but, would you try to sell your house with the paint peeling away and the front door hanging off its hinges? You wouldn't, because prospective buyers would drive on by. It can be the same with your printed business materials. With them often being your first point of contact with the customer, it's the same as the paint peeling, shoddy door house for sale - not very appealing. If you can't afford a professional printer who can both design and print everything for you, it’s possible to find printers who you can submit your design to and they’ll do the rest for you. But you still need to have a high quality design to send them in the first place. Before you decide to do it yourself, just think about how well you can produce it compared to a professional printer. Think about whether it will cost you more in sales than it saves on printing costs, and then decide if you may be falling into a false economy trap. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


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