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The Basics Behind Podcasting

Do you have specialized knowledge or information that can help others? You can create a podcast to share that information. And if you have an existing website or blog, you can boost your site’s awareness by podcasting. What Is Podcasting? Podcasting is much like having your own radio show. It’s a combination of the term broadcasting and iPod. While the Apple iPod played an important role in the development of podcasting, you don’t need an iPod to create or listen to a podcast. Like a blog, most podcasts focus on a narrow topic. For example, you might podcast on how to restore wicker furniture or you might podcast and offer daily meditation messages. Creating a podcast is fairly simple. All you really need is a microphone and a plan to get started. Why Podcast? What Are The Benefits? Podcasting actually offers an abundance of benefits. It’s about more than fulfilling your childhood dream of having your own show – you can offer value and change lives. • Broaden Your Audience – People have different preferences for accessing information. Some prefer to read it so they subscribe to blogs and read articles. Others prefer video or visual content so they subscribe to YouTube channels. Many people prefer to obtain information by listening to it. They listen to podcasts and audio files when they exercise, drive to work, and in their free time. You can reach a whole new audience by adding a podcast to your content strategy. • Make Money – You can monetize a podcast by selling advertising space. You can also send listeners to key pages to promote products or services and earn money in commissions and sales. You can also charge for subscriptions. • Build a Relationship – It’s much easier to connect with someone when you can hear them talking. It can build a stronger relationship than other forms of content. And strong relationships create loyal customers. • Establish Your Credibility and Authority – There’s no better way to establish yourself as an expert than to share your knowledge and information. Make sure each podcast offers value and information and you’ll build a devoted following. What Do I Need To Get Started? Getting started with podcasting is actually more straight forward than you might think. To get started you’ll first want a plan and a goal. Why are you podcasting and how will you provide value? You also want to make sure you can commit to a regular podcasting schedule. Once you answer those questions it’s time to start gathering your equipment. The most important piece of equipment to invest in is a good microphone. A microphone can help ensure you provide a clear and professional sounding podcast. From that point basic editing software and content plan are the next steps.


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